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08:50-09:00 Opening - Welcome and Introduction
Antonio Correia (Phantoms foundation, Spain)
Josep Samitier (IBEC, Spain)
09:00-09:30 KEYNOTE SERS Detection of Tumor-Related Metabolic Alterations Luis M. Liz-Marzán,
CIC biomaGUNE, Spain
09:30-10:00 KEYNOTE Multifunctional 2D materials for cancer therapy and bioimaging Alberto Bianco,
ibmc/CNRS, France
10:00-10:20 INVITED Personalized nanomedicine for improved anticancer therapeutics Maria De la Fuente,
Oncomet, Spain
10:20-10:30 Break
10:30-11:00 FlashPoster Session
10:30-10:35 Alginate microparticles produced by atomization system: Biomedical applications Beatriz Arauzo Gimeno,
Aragon Institute of Nanoscience (INA), Spain
10:35-10:40 Investigating the effect of a new contrast agent in an orthotopic mice model Ashish Avasthi,
Bionand, Spain
10:40-10:45 Autism associated shank3 mutations alter skeletal muscle maturation: therapeutic strategies using 3D-bioprinted skeletal Maria Demestre,
IBEC, Spain
10:45-10:50 Robust electroactive substrates based on gold-nanoparticle arrays electrodeposited on indium tin oxide for reproducible surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy Nerea González Pato,
Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC), Spain
10:50-10:55 Optical analysis on infiltration of Rhodamine dye inside Nanoporous anodic alumina Gradient-index filters Pankaj Kapruwan,
Universitat Rovira i Virgili - Campus Sescelades, Spain
10:55-11:00 Anti-biofilm surfaces based on the immobilization of a novel recombinant antimicrobial protein using SAMs Xavier Rodríguez,
Institut of Materials Science of Barcelona- CSIC, Spain
11:00-11:30 KEYNOTE Supramolecular Antivirals Francesco Stellacci,
EPFL, Switzerland
11:30-12:00 KEYNOTE Nanobiosensors for point of care applications Arben Merkoci,
ICREA / ICN2, Spain
12:00-12:30 ePoster Session
12:30-13:15 Lunch Break
13:15-13:45 KEYNOTE Delivery of biologicals using nanotechnology Maria José Alonso,
USC, Spain
13:45-14:15 KEYNOTE Multivalent and multiplexed interaction in nanomedicine Giuseppe Battaglia,
14:15-14:45 KEYNOTE Swarming hybrid nanobots and their imaging in vitro and in vivo Samuel Sanchez,
IBEC, Spain
14:45-15:00 Break
Parallel Oral Sessions - ROOM 1
Chair: Lluis Marsal (URV, Spain)
15:00-15:10 Scanning probes for enzyme nanopatterning and for the spatial mapping of collagen micro-stiffness in tissue sections Annalisa Calò,
Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), Spain
15:10-15:20 IRONSperm: Sperm-templated flexible magnetic microrobots Veronika Magdanz,
IBEC, Spain
15:20-15:30 Compliant 3D scaffold as self-training skeletons for bio-hybrid robots Maria Guix,
Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), Spain
15:30-15:40 Design and statistical modelling of fusogenic magnetoliposomes production for a potential antibacterial application Filipa Soares,
REQUIMTE - Rede de Química e Tecnologia, Portugal
15:40-15:50 Bio-inspired models and biophysical studies applied in ADMET profiling Marlene Lúcio,
University of Minho, Portugal
15:50-16:00 Stable Anchoring of Bacteria-based Protein Nanoparticles for Surface Enhanced Cell Guidance Marc Martínez Miguel,
Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC), Spain
16:00-16:10 Magnetic/plasmonic liposomes as nanocarriers for novel antitumor tricyclic lactones against non small cell lung cancer Rita Rodrigues,
University of Minho, Portugal
16:10-16:20 Neurotransmitter’s encapsulation on Bipyridinium-functionalized polysilicon microparticles by supramolecular interactions Sandra Giraldo Clemente,
Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
16:20-16:30 Development of C75-CoA-loaded polymeric nanomedicines to inhibit CPT1 in specific brain cells Jesús García,
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Spain
16:30-16:40 Supramolecular plasmonic magnetic gels for controlled drug delivery Sérgio Veloso,
University of Minho, Portugal
16:40-16:50 Lipid Biomimetic Models as an Alternative Platform to Guide the Drug Design Process Eduarda Fernandes,
Centre of Physics of University of Minho and Porto (CFUM), Portugal
Parallel Oral Sessions - ROOM 2
Chair: Maria De la Fuente (Oncomet, Spain)
15:00-15:10 Gold Nanoparticles Chemiresistors for Selective Potassium Ions Sensing Verónica Montes García,
Université de Strasbourg & CNRS, France
15:10-15:20 Plasmonic Scaffolds for 3D SERS sensing Clara García-Astrain,
CICBiomagune, Spain
15:20-15:30 Gold Nano-assemblies as SERS-NIR-PTT theranostic agent: Tentacles more powerful than Satellites Priyanka Dey,
University of Exeter, UK
15:30-15:40 SERS and microdroplets for multiplex phenotyping of cancer single cells Sara Abalde-Cela,
International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory INL, Portugal
15:40-15:50 Stealth magnetoliposomes based on calcium-substituted magnesium ferrite nanoparticles for curcumin transport and release Beatriz Cardoso,
University of Minho, Portugal
15:50-16:00 CCL21-loaded synthetic 3D hydrogels for T cell expansion and differentiation Eduardo Pérez del Río,
16:00-16:10 Synthesis and characterization of magnetoliposomes containing nickel ferrite nanoparticles covered with gold for applications in phototherapy Irina Rio,
University of Minho, Portugal
16:10-16:20 Fluorescent Organic Nanoparticles demonstrating high FRET efficiency for their use as bioimaging probes Judit Morlà-Folch,
Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB- CSIC), Spain
16:20-16:30 Exploring the Biophysics of Bacterial Growth and Division with Time-lapse Optical and Atomic Force Microscopy Melanie Hannebelle,
EPFL, Switzerland
16:30-16:40 Stem cell condensation and gap junctional communication on nanopatterned substrates for improved cartilage formation Ignasi Casanellas,
Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), Spain
16:50-17:00 Break
17:00-17:20 INVITED Interaction of cancer cells with particles depended on cell deformability Ofra Benny,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
17:20-17:40 INVITED Surprising Charge Transport in DNA and Properties of Novel DNA-Based Molecules Danny Porath,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
17:40-18:10 KEYNOTE Medical Nanoparticles II*: driving new pharmaceutical substances into the medical praxis Victor Puntes,
ICN2, Spain
18:10 Closing

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